Healing Cities

Healing Cities is an integrated approach to planning and design for the natural and built environment that values holistic health and wellness of people and ecosystems. It explores how to address planning processes and design of our living environments to keep us healthier and more whole. Read more...

Agricultural Urbanism

The cornerstone of implementing AU is to create an urban environment that activates and enhances all aspects of a sustainable food system through the integration - not separation - of people, their living environments and food. It’s about reconnecting people to where food comes from; designing desirable and viable site specific forms of agriculture and food activities in a range of spaces; from wild foraging areas to downtown cores. Read more...


Concepts We Live By

We are united by the guiding principles we share and bring into each project we take on.


The most overarching, of course, is the concept of sustainability. To make sense of this from a planning and design perspective, Mark Holland devised the Sustainability Matrix which matches sustainability issues with community aspects. Any community pursuing sustainability can identify what sustainability “really means to them” by filling in each cell on this matrix as best as they can. After working with the Matrix tool for many years, we noticed a range of patterns emerging. We have clustered these and now call them, “The Eight Pillars of a Sustainable Community.” We welcome you to delve further into the matrix and 8 pillars:

Putting sustainability into action, HB Lanarc has a clear and strong internal sustainability policy. Learn more...

Strong Engagement and Co-Creation

Another essential concept we live by is strong engagement and co-creation. We favour early and ongoing involvement of “diverse voices” to enrich the planning or design process with new knowledge and energy. We see people and their ideas for their “home places” as assets to work with, rather than as problems to be resolved. We know that engagement is the best way to work through complex problems and seize opportunities.