Our Guiding Principles

Inspiring planning, policy and design solutions for sustainable communities.


We are dedicated to generating innovative but pragmatic solutions to the challenges of sustainability. We respond to evolving needs, constantly developing and testing new approaches and techniques. Rooted in our experience, vision and training, we inspire our clients and communities to imagine new solutions to the challenges of sustainability.


We listen carefully to the aspirations of our clients and communities. We learn with them about the challenges they face and the opportunities they enjoy. We work with them to build common ground and help take bold steps. We involve a wide range of perspectives, knowledge and skill sets in planning & design, developing cooperative solutions that are stronger as a result of input by diverse and marginal voices.


HBL’s mission is to contribute to our planet’s survival for future generations. We are driven by a collective philosophy that truly believes we can make a difference, and this enthusiasm is present in all our projects. It is also important to us that clear, realistic, and high expectations are negotiated among all stakeholders to ensure that responsibilities in our sustainability initiatives are effectively and fairly distributed and aligned to the needs of the community and its surrounding environment.


We take pride in the quality and technical rigour of our work, supporting that work with focus, diligence, transparency, and punctuality. We encourage all stakeholders to find ways to co-develop the most powerful solutions. We have an extensive range of planning and design skills and services, providing everything from strategic planning and discussion of overall objectives to fine-grained technical solutions. We constantly seek to better ourselves and to improve how we empower each other to do our best.


We care deeply for our clients, our colleagues and the communities we work with. We value them as wise collaborators and recognize that at a deep level, we are all in this together. We try to communicate effectively and to ensure that our work reflects care in its design, execution, and impact.


We revel in the joy of changing the world in partnership with innovative and caring individuals, organizations, governments, companies, and communities. We strive to make our projects fun for everyone involved.

Putting sustainability into action, HB Lanarc has a clear and strong internal sustainability policy. Learn more...