Introducing HB Lanarc

HB Lanarc is a leading planning and design firm helping to create complete, attractive, ecologically resilient, and prosperous communities in British Columbia and across North America. Our mission is to produce planning and design solutions for a sustainable future.

HB Lanarc has a full service “green solutions” workshop, staffed with dozens of planners, landscape architects and related professionals in fields as diverse as community engagement, sustainable buildings, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, food systems, public policy, and information technology. The company supports projects from the earliest visioning stages through to construction drawings, with sustainable values and practices “hard-wired” into every step.

Company History and Merger

HB Lanarc joined with Golder in 2011 to bring clients a broader service package built around the eight pillars of a sustainable community. Adding to HB Lanarc’s strengths in planning and design solutions for sustainable communities, Golder Associates brings leading consulting, design, and construction services in the specialist areas of earth, environment, and energy. Together HB Lanarc - Golder will implement positive change in our communities, our province, our country and our world.

HB Lanarc was itself the result of a 2008 merger of two well established planning and design companies - Holland Barrs Planning Group and Lanarc Consultants. Holding identical values and visions and already operating in both British Columbia’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, the two companies saw the potential of combining strengths to meet the growing demands of sustainability. As of May 1, 2008, HB Lanarc began working with local and regional governments and developers through all aspects of planning and design - clarifying a project’s objectives, engaging the public and other stakeholders, developing and selecting from strategies and models, engaging in collaborative design, and creating detailed implementation drawings.