HB Lanarc's Internal Sustainability Policy

Policy Overview

Through the services we deliver, HB Lanarc is committed to building more sustainable neighborhoods, cities and regions. At the same time, we believe sustainability starts at home.

Our firm aims to continuously improve its internal business practices to promote a healthy society and economy, and protect our natural environment. We share our knowledge, and learn from clients and vendors more sustainable and superior service delivery strategies.

Our sustainability commitments cover four areas of business activity:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Communities
  • Environment

Our daily activity is fundamentally influenced by our sustainability commitments:

  • Where we work
  • How we work
  • How we travel

Our Climate Positive Commitment is an enduring dedication to promote and adopt policies, technologies and practices that reduce more carbon in the atmosphere than we generate.

HB Lanarc Internal Sustainability Commitments

We are committed to advancing sustainability in business practices with our:

  • Employees: Good health and life-long learning are important for staff morale and service excellence. We support employee knowledge sharing, health and wellness.
  • Clients: Most of our clients are drawn to our sustainability ethic. Sharing with and learning from our clients and vendors, we strive to improve service delivery while improving sustainability.
  • Communities: We value the prosperity and health of the communities in which we live and work. We contribute to the economic and social development of these communities.
  • Environment: Our economic and social well-being depends on a healthy environment. We adopt, develop and share practices that reduce our impact on the environment.

HB Lanarc Internal Sustainability Activity

Our sustainability commitment fundamentally influences our daily activity:

Where we work:

  • Building energy and emissions are reduced through premium efficiency equipment and siting.
  • Offices are located in pedestrian friendly neighborhoods in close proximity to major transit and bike networks.
  • Many staff are active in the community through groups like Smart Growth BC, Vancouver Food Policy Council, Island Corridor Foundation and False Creek Historical Watershed Society.
  • Bike lockers, showers and other facilities support employee and client travel by bike, blade and foot.

How we travel:

  • Travel and Meeting Policy supports web and video conferencing, location optimization and lowest carbon travel mode to reduce emissions, promote client/employee work-life balance, improve service and reduce costs.
  • More than 90% of staff commute daily by bike, foot, carpool or transit. The Nanaimo office is a repeat winner of Bike to Work Week.
  • Car sharing services are used for business activity to facilitate right sizing and promote community transportation choice.

How we work:

  • Green Event Guidelines influence location, local/social profit catering, and resource use of meetings and consultations we organize.
  • Flexible hours enable employees to work from home and/or telecommute.
  • Office waste is a resource diverted into 4 streams including compost.
  • Office supplies are purchased from a local green office supplier, including 100% post consumer recycled paper.
  • Employee health is supported with organic nutrition breaks and fair trade, organic coffee and tea.
  • Sustainability practices are being extended upstream to vendors.

HB Lanarc Climate Positive Commitment

To avoid dangerous, run-away climate change, global emissions from human activity must be net zero by the end of the century. HB Lanarc has a long-term vision of adopting technologies and practices that enable the company to permanently remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we contribute. We are working towards this vision with three strategies:

  1. Measuring, monitoring and evaluating our own emission performance. We are integrating real time measurement, monitoring and evaluation into our existing business and management systems.
  2. Advancing innovative and pragmatic local climate solutions. We adopt, design, promote and work to continuously improve upon policies, technologies and practices that reduce emissions in our own operations, with our clients and the communities in which we work and live.
  3. Supporting high quality offset projects to achieve carbon neutrality. We support high integrity projects and the development of more rigorous offset standards. We seek offsets that:
    • are clearly additional to business-as-usual activity
    • meet local socio economic and environmental objectives, and
    • contribute to long-term climate solutions.

    A portion of our offsets are sourced from projects with the highest standards available globally: gold standard offsets. These purchases support technology transfer and socio-economic and environmental development in developing countries. Another portion of our offsets are sourced from projects with the highest offset standards available in Canada. These offsets support projects in British Columbia and across Canada.