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The Agricultural Urbanism Book
has been launched!

Our awareness of the significant challenge our food supply faces in the 21st century is growing rapidly. However, few people offer more than a suggestion that we all grow our own food in our backyard or balcony, attend a farmers' market, and lobby for global change. This book, rooted in a sustainable food system approach and written by leaders in planning and design, outlines a powerful strategy for understanding and taking action on the full scope of sustainable food system opportunities in cities and how we build them.

This book takes sustainable food systems far beyond the community garden and the buying of local food and into strategies for supporting local food processing, wholesale and marketing, education and training programs, and celebration and culture around food, ensuring access to healthy food for all. Agricultural Urbanism has been declared as the next big movement for New Urbanism in the 21st century as we grapple with how to make our cities not only more sustainable but also great places to live. This book outlines key strategies to create magnetic and unique agriculture and food precincts and community places where food is celebrated all year round. Authored by the most innovative and leading thinkers and practitioners in the Southhwest of Canada, this book offers a new and exciting concept of agricultural urbanism that unifies urban and rural in a previously unconceived way.


Reduce your carbon footprint! You can choose to pick up your copy at HB Lanarc's Vancouver office @ 200-420 West Hastings Street, Vancouver B.C. V6B 1L1 (click here for map). Business hours are from 9 am to 5 pm. Cash, cheque, and credit card payments are accepted.


Worry not! We can put a book on hold for you. Just give us a heads up at 604.688.9769 x117, let us know how many copies you would like and when you would come to pick up. Hope to hear from you soon!

HB Lanarc offers nearly a decade of work in this field and our dedicated food and agriculture planner is one of the province's best, working with communities, municipalities, and developers to create sustainable food-system strategies.

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