Square BulletRelated Projects

Active Transportation Videography Services

These short videos with voice over narration explore active transportation issues facing Canadian towns and cities today. Video footage includes active transportation facilities and the people who use...

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Richmond RAV Station Precinct Urban Design Study

Richmond RAV
Lanarc (now HB Lanarc) completed a series of 3D models and visualizations that compare an elevated skytrain to an at-grade solution at a variety of Richmond locations. These images have been instrumen...

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Southeast False Creek LEED ND Certification

HB Lanarc led the Phase 2 certification application to the US Green Building Council, under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Neighbourhood Development (LEED ND) program for the 80...

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GIS, Visualization & 3-D Modelling

If a place or idea of place exists in the world or the imagination, HB Lanarc can bring it to life. Whatever your sustainable business, planning or design objective, we'll support and advance your goals with powerful geographic information system (GIS) tools, 3D computer modelling—or even simple pencil and paper sketches.

Whether it’s a two-dimensional plot of a neighborhood’s permeable surfaces, or a stunning photo-illustration of a future mixed-use streetscape, we produce the industry’s most elegant, effective, and appealing maps, graphs, and visualizations. Let’s imagine great things, together.

Services include:

  • GIS
  • 3-D Modelling
  • Photo Simulations
  • Video Production