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BC Climate Action Toolkit for Local Governments

BC Climate Action Toolkit
This web tool helps BC local governments develop and implement innovative and practical policies and projects to reduce emissions in their own operations and across the community. It is intuitive, con...

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Climate Neutral Action Planning, BC Government

Carbon Neutral
Our firm supported 16 ministries to develop their Climate Neutral Action Plans by December 2008, aiming for climate neutrality in all core government operations by 2010. Our firm designed, facilitated...

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District of North Vancouver Climate Change Action Plan Framework and Direction

DNV Climate Action
The purpose of this project was to develop a foundational document that will guide the development of the Climate Change Action Plan in 2009. Climate change goals and targets were developed for a numb...

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Climate Protection & Sustainable Energy

The science is clear and so are the solutions that spell significant and cost-effective emissions reductions. The combined risks of climate change and non-sustainable energy practices create an unprecedented opportunity to advance a truly integrated economic, social and environmental agenda.

Our firm offers significant technical skills, but we also understand that the greatest challenges are not technical — they're organizational. We develop pragmatic projects, policies, strategies and tools that meet them head on. Through strategic engagement and analysis, our interdisciplinary team helps our clients first understand the technical issues, then capitalize on their strengths and build capacity to implement their strategies.

Transportation, land use, buildings, infrastructure, solid waste — we've helped clients reduce emissions across the board. We’ve also helped them discover new low-carbon energy sources. We approach your challenges with a long-term view while developing practical projects you can put into practice tomorrow. Let's take the first steps, together.

Services include:

  • Community Energy Planning
  • Climate Action Plans
  • Carbon Neutral Planning
  • GHG Emission Inventories