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Albuquerque Sustainability Strategy

A comprehensive sustainable development strategy for the City of Albuquerque addressing the following issues: land use; transportation; green buildings; innovative infrastructure; sustainable open spa...

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Arbutus Lands Visioning Process

Arbutus Lands
The intention of the Visioning Process is to generate a series of community-driven visions for sustainable future uses of the Arbutus Lands, a historic rail corridor running through the west side of V...

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Bowen Island Sustainability Strategy and Evaluation Framework

Bowen Island
Development of a pair of documents to guide the community's evolution towards a sustainable future. The first document is a strategy that gives direction to the client in each of 8 areas of municipal ...

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Sustainability Strategies & Research

The 21st century presents us with a very different context than the 20th century for doing business, developing and governing. Emerging global challenges are compelling us to reconsider our notions of "business as usual," and develop new strategic approaches to reduce our impacts on the planet while building our collective quality of life. Change brings challenges and it also brings enormous opportunities. Other generations faced their challenges such as human rights and world wars – sustainability is our generation’s challenge.

With decades of combined experience in both the public and private sector working on sustainability issues, our team of pragmatic visionaries work closely with our clients to create organized, focused, and realistic action plans on sustainability that are grounded in both the latest best practices and your specific situation. The result: clarity and long-term prosperity in uncertain times.

Our principals are some of the most experienced in Canada in developing pragmatic sustainable development strategies, tailor-made for each development, local government, or organization.

Services include:

  • Integrated Sustainability Plans  (ISPs, ICSPs)
  • Sustainability Strategies (cities, developments, companies)
  • Environmental Research, Planning and Guidelines
  • Water Conservation Planning/Irrigation Strategies
  • Industrial Ecology