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Squamish Oceanfront

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Squamish Oceanfront Official Community Plan Sub Area Plan

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HB Lanarc is working with the community, landowners, and key stakeholder groups to develop a Sub Area Plan for the Squamish Oceanfront Peninsula. This unique waterfront brownfield redevelopment project will incorporate the principles of Smart Growth and sustainable design to establish a new neighbourhood adjacent to the existing downtown. Community amenities including parks are a key component of the plan.

Client : District of Squamish

Key Personnel

Peter Whitelaw - Project Manager
Rob Barrs - Project Lead
Jon Paczkowski - Planning Assistant
Aaron Licker - Website Development

Firm Role

HB Lanarc is leading the planning process and subsequently community outreach on behalf of the District of Squamish. An innovative engagement website was developed as part of the process.

Sub Consultants

Community Design:
Frank Ducote
Hoggan & Associates
Frank D'ambrosio

Web Link

Create the oceanfront

Project Timeline

  • January 2008 » December 2009

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