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Regina Core

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Regina Core Neighbourhood Sustainability Action Plan

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The Core Neighbourhood Sustainability Action Plan involves integrated planning and design efforts to address social, environmental and economic issues in a Regina inner city neighbourhood. The project also produced a sustainable development plan for a key site.

Client : City of Regina, Saskatchewan

Key Personnel

Peter Russell - Project Lead
Anne-Marie Whitaker - Planning Analyst & Designer
Vince Verlaan - Charrette Facilitator

Firm Role

HB Lanarc (as Holland Barrs) designed and facilitated the planning process with the use of innovative engagement and planning techniques such as community mapping, a design charrette and an integrated design process.

Sub Consultants

Frank Ducote - Charrette Urban Designer
John Tinney - Commercial & Residential Market Analyst
Margaret Eberle - Affordable Housing Specialist

Project Timeline

  • October 2006 » March 2008

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