Square BulletRelated Projects

Aboriginal Land Use Planning Coordinator Training Program

Our firm in partnership with Beringia Community Planning, was hired by Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR) to develop a Land Use Planning Curriculum for Aboriginal communities ac...

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Active Transportation Videography Services

These short videos with voice over narration explore active transportation issues facing Canadian towns and cities today. Video footage includes active transportation facilities and the people who use...

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Climate Neutral Action Planning, BC Government

Carbon Neutral
Our firm supported 16 ministries to develop their Climate Neutral Action Plans by December 2008, aiming for climate neutrality in all core government operations by 2010. Our firm designed, facilitated...

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Education, Training & Presentations

In our industry, few occasions prove as rewarding as the "light-bulb moment"—the spark that occurs when community members, elected officials, or business leaders connect the dots between sustainable-development and their own success.

Our presentations captivate audiences by grounding sometimes-abstract principles and practices in the local context, with relevant and attainable strategies. Our workshops empower decision-makers with frameworks and best practices that help them bring a higher level of sustainability to their enterprises. At HB Lanarc, we're in the business of making a difference. How can we help you make yours?

Services include:

  • Educational Presentations
  • Educational Training
  • Posters and Brochures
  • Publications and Videos