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Alberta Municipal Affairs Digital Engagement Toolkit

Alberta Municipal Affairs' Public Input Toolkit describes public engagement for small, rural municipalities. AMA asked us to update their Toolkit to include details describing digital engagement (onli...

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Area A OCP Visioning Workshop

Work closely with planning staff to design and promote public attendance at two workshops to launch an OCP process in a rural area of the Regional District. Prepare all materials and presentations, an...

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Civic Engagement in Victoria

vic eng
Our firm is helping Victoria to develop one of the province's first civic engagement strategies in order to find out how the City can better communicate and connect with its citizens. Through a co-cre...

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Engagement, Consultation & Facilitation

Public participation is sometimes viewed as a burdensome requirement of the planning and design process. At HB Lanarc, it is central to our success—and that of our clients.

We invite diverse stakeholders in community, business, academia, and/or the non-profit sector to bring their knowledge, concerns, and ideas to the table. We use dialogue-based facilitation and collaborative design to build trust, which helps create shared solutions that would not otherwise have seen the light of day.

When it comes to bringing a wide range of viewpoints together around important issues and answering strategic questions together, we simply lead the field. Invariably, our approach yields greater trust and understanding, a wider range of options and strategies, more support, and a better outcome.

Services include:

  • Highly interactive open houses and community forums
  • Customized small group workshops
  • Conversation Circles, Cafes, and Open Space events
  • Retreats, strategic planning events, and organizational change
  • Training and education in effective engagement