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Colony Farm Charrette & Plan

Building on the outcomes of the Colony Farm Charrette (also completed by our firm), the Colony Regional Farm Sustainability Plan (COLSP) outlines a future where Colony Farm is a physical and virtual p...

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Food & Agriculture Policy Set

The City of Edmonton is in the process of drafting a new Municipal Development Plan (MDP). During public consultation, the community raised concerns that issues of food security and the protection of ...

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Southeast False Creek Urban Agriculture Design Guidelines

HB Lanarc developed design considerations and guidelines, technical considerations, and management strategies for effectively integrating urban agriculture (UA) into a high density neighbourhood. The ...

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Sustainable Food Systems and Agricultural Urbanism

Though food is easily taken for granted, it plays a leading role in forging and maintaining social relationships; it is a pillar of community building. This century's story of food will be quite different than that of the one just past.

Resilient food systems including and urban agriculture are essential to planning a sustainable community. They deliver tremendous quality-of-life value to any project, while bolstering the economy and environment—witness the festival ambiance, personal connections, and sensory delights of any urban farmer's market.

HB Lanarc offers nearly a decade of work in this field and our dedicated food and agriculture planner is one of the province's best, working with communities, municipalities, and developers to create sustainable food-system strategies.

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Services include:

  • Policy, planning and design for sustainable food systems in cities and regions
  • Agricultural urbanism and neighbourhood planning for food and agriculture
  • Urban agriculture guidelines
  • Working with others to define what urban-friendly farming practices are
  • Modeling of how food policy will impact GHG emission reductions